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11 Apr 2023

The Matte Finish color is the first and only color on pre-painted steel in Indonesia.


In the construction of a meaningful and artistically designed building, there are materials that support such a purpose. COLORBOND® is a pre-painted steel product from PT NS BlueScope Indonesia, known for its innovation that transforms architecture into a masterpiece with its beauty and durability. For over 50 years, the excellence of COLORBOND® has been tested and recognized as a premium choice for commercial, industrial, residential, and infrastructure buildings, and has become a benchmark for the excellence of the global steel industry.

Continuing to develop wider innovation, in early 2023, COLORBOND® launched five new colors inspired by the beauty of nature, called COLORBOND® Matt. Matte Finish colors are the first and only color on pre-painted steel in Indonesia.


What The Difference COLORBOND® Matt from other coated steel products?


Not inferior to other COLORBOND® products, Matte Finish comes with a 30-year corrosion resistance feature warranty. The advantages of COLORBOND Matte Finish are as follows:


  1. Longer Color Durability Guarantee

Providing better color performance with a color warranty of up to 12 years, COLORBOND® Matte Finish ensures stronger material protection and maintains the beauty of the building for a longer period.


  1. Cutting-Edge Technology

The Clean Technology used in COLORBOND® Matte provides an anti-dust and anti-dirt system that minimizes routine maintenance. Additionally, the Thermatech technology acts as solar reflection, reducing the average temperature on the steel surface by up to 6 degrees Celsius.


  1. Paint System Innovation

The Paint System Innovation of COLORBOND® Matte results in a specular reflection reduction of up to 7 Gloss Units (GU), placing COLORBOND® Matte in the low gloss material category. Low gloss is also beneficial in reducing glare effects from the building. Generally, the circulating steel materials in Indonesia have a GU level of around 80 GU.


  1. Application in Aviation and Urban Building Areas

COLORBOND® Matte enhances the benefits of steel materials as it falls under the low gloss material category, meeting the exterior steel criteria for buildings in aviation and densely populated urban areas.


  1. Easy to Match

The matte finish appearance and natural colors provide limitless design inspiration for matching COLORBOND® Matt® steel material with conventional materials (wood, brick, natural stone, and others), creating harmony between the building design and the surrounding environment.


 5 color choices inspired by the beauty of nature.


1. Dune®


COLORBOND® Matte Finish Dune®.png

Dune® is a COLORBOND®

Matte Finish inspired by the formation of sand dunes. The matte finish of Dune® can be a fresh inspiration to apply on various types of properties.


COLORBOND® Matte Finish Dune.jpg

Target Head Office, West Melbourne, Australia


In Australia, Dune® has been widely used for important buildings, such as the Target Head Office in West Melbourne, Australia. The simple and elegant impression displayed on modern architectural design can be achieved by using natural colors that provide a sense of tranquility and comfort when viewed.


2. Monument®

COLORBOND® Matt Monument®.jpg

COLORBOND® Matt Monument®


COLORBOND® Matt Monument® is a dark gray color with a dramatic impression, inspired by the dark patterns of volcanic rock formations along the southern coast of Australia.


The Barn, New South Wales

When used, Monument® can be applied to buildings that emphasize strength and beauty. The use of Monument®️ color and finish creates a confident and dramatic impression that is suitable when combined with other high-quality materials such as wood features, natural white color elements, or light gray.


3. Iron®

COLORBOND® Matt Iron. .jpg

COLORBOND® Matt Iron®️

COLORBOND® Matt Iron®️ inspired by the texture of solid rock, takes your building project to the next level.

COLORBOND® Matt Iron.jpg

Gamuda Garden, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


Not only in its country of origin, COLORBOND® Matt Iron® has also been used in buildings in other countries, such as the residential area of Gamuda Garden in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. COLORBOND® Matt Iron® is used as the roofing material, providing a sturdy appearance to the houses while still emphasizing the aesthetic value that creates a comfortable living environment.


4. Granite®

COLORBOND® Matt Granite®.jpg

COLORBOND® Matt Granite®


COLORBOND® Matt Granite® is inspired by the stormy sky merging with the beautiful wild coastal sea, creating extraordinary color complexity. Granite® provides exceptional beauty in both color and finish of the building. Matt Finish Granite® is highly suitable for combination with glass coating, brick, or terrazzo.

 COLORBOND® Matt Granite.jpg

Hap Seng Lang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The appearance of a building using the cool grey color of COLORBOND® Matt Granite® is highly versatile and can be combined with other colors to create a contemporary architectural design that is captivating and stylish.


5. Winter®

COLORBOND® Matt Winter®.jpg

COLORBOND® Matt Winter®

COLORBOND® Matt Winter® from COLORBOND® Matt brings a fresh touch to your architectural projects. The flexible character of the clean white color represented by the Winter finish can easily be combined with other monochrome colors like black, and bright colors are also equally attractive to be installed.

COLORBOND® Matt Winter Arsitektur Titik Temu.jpg

Titik Tentram, Indonesia

In line with its name, Titik Tentram offers a relaxing place to enjoy coffee and engage in conversations. Using the clean white color of COLORBOND® Matt Winter®, Titik Tentram stands out and creates a striking contrast in its surroundings, piquing the curiosity of visitors to pay a visit.

Having a variety of COLORBOND® products to choose from will keep your building looking aesthetically pleasing with unique COLORBOND® colors. COLORBOND® Matt falls into the low gloss material category and meets the criteria for exterior steel material for buildings near aviation areas and densely populated urban areas. Therefore, using COLORBOND® Matt will reduce the glare effect caused by the building. Find out more color inspiration  for your building inspiration.