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11 Apr 2023

Trinity House


Trinity House embraces a clean and modern design throughout its structure. With consistent color and patterns from the roof to the walls, Trinity House stands out in shades of gray gives a clean and simple impression.


COLORBOND® Gull Grey.jpg


The entire building, from the roof to the walls, is adorned with COLORBOND® Gull Grey. The incorporation of THERMATECH® SOLAR REFLECTANCE TECHNOLOGY in COLORBOND®, which effectively reduces heat absorption on the surface, contributes to a cooler indoor environment. Coupled with the CLEAN TECHNOLOGY featuring the Paint System Super Polyester Technology, the color performance of the house remains vibrant and enduring.


The choice of COLORBOND® Gull Grey not only adds to the contemporary aesthetics of the structure but also serves functional purposes. The utilization of solar reflectance technology aids in maintaining a comfortable temperature indoors, thereby enhancing the overall living experience. This forward-thinking technology, along with the enduring color quality ensured by the Super Polyester Technology, presents a synergy that makes Trinity House an exemplar of modern architectural innovation.


COLORBOND® Gull Grey Atap Baja Trinity House.jpg


In essence, Trinity House doesn't merely reflect a design trend; it embodies a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. The utilization of COLORBOND® Gull Grey, coupled with advanced technologies, transforms this building into a testament of how thoughtful design and innovative materials can create an environment that is both visually appealing and comfortable to inhabit.