Sayana Cabin House

11 Apr 2023

Sayana Cabin House


The Sayana Cabin House presents a building structure with a steep roof that adds a unique characteristic touch. This choice of roof design not only offers an appealing appearance but also serves a practical function in channeling water during heavy rain.


COLORBOND® Off White Sayana House.jpg


The use of COLORBOND® Off White as the roofing material for this house is a smart decision. The advantages of CLEAN TECHNOLOGY from COLORBOND®, reinforced by the Paint System Super Polyester Technology, not only ensure that the roof color remains durable and attractive, but also provide additional protection against the environmental conditions and weather in Indonesia. The top coat of exterior-grade paint used in COLORBOND® products is specially developed through baking to provide resistance against peeling and blistering, while maintaining a longer-lasting final result.


COLORBOND® Off White Sayana.jpg


The Off White color on the roof not only creates an elegant and clean appearance but also helps regulate the temperature inside the building, thus creating a comfortable environment for the occupants. The proven quality of COLORBOND® and its innovative technology, including its ability to withstand the effects of aging and weather-related damage, make this choice a wise long-term investment for your home.


Therefore, the Sayana Cabin House is not merely a place of residence but also an architectural masterpiece that combines visual beauty with resilient and enduring functionality.