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11 Apr 2023

Airport Domine Eduard Osok (DEO) Sorong


Domine Eduard Osok Airport serves as the main gateway for anyone eager to explore the beauty of Raja Ampat. In 2014, the airport embarked on an ambitious journey to enhance its facilities by planning the construction of a new terminal, which is part of a development program undertaken by the Transportation Department.


COLORBOND® Sonata Blue Desian Interior Bandara DEO.jpg


The newly introduced terminal at this airport is captivating with its impressive roof design. With the bold application of the curved concept, the roof of the new terminal exudes undeniable elegance. The significance of using the right materials to bring this concept to life cannot be overlooked, and this is where COLORBOND® XRW steel in the Sonata Blue color excels.


COLORBOND®Atap Baja Ringan Bandara DEO.jpg


The utilization of COLORBOND® XRW steel in this project is a smart move to provide a strong and aesthetic roof. The Sonata Blue color not only creates a captivating appearance but also aligns the building with its surroundings. The flexibility of this steel allows for the creation of both convex and concave curves with exceptional precision. The result is a harmony between form and function that reflects quality and proud beauty.


The new terminal of Domine Eduard Osok Airport is not just a transit point but also an architectural masterpiece that mirrors the grandeur of Raja Ampat's nature. The audacity in creating the curved roof design invites admiration and appreciation from every beholder. The wise choice of using COLORBOND® XRW steel not only provides visual uniqueness but also underscores a commitment to enduring quality.


Overall, Domine Eduard Osok Airport has successfully transformed itself into an inviting and captivating place, ensuring that arrivals and departures in Raja Ampat begin with an unforgettable visual experience.