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13 Jun 2023

The use of COLORBOND® Matt in Creating Green Buildings in Indonesia


The trend of developing green building concepts will continue to grow in line with the principles of sustainable development based on the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy. This concept involves environmental, social, and good governance aspects in planning, design, and operationalization.


Quoting from the "Energy Saving Guide for Government Buildings" by Berchmans, the building sector in Indonesia contributes to 50% of total energy expenditure and over 70% of overall electricity consumption. With such significant energy usage, the building sector contributes to 30% of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in Indonesia.


Based on the principles of sustainable development (Green Building Council Indonesia, 2012), the implementation of green building concepts can be seen from three perspectives: economic, social, and environmental. These aspects can be applied to achieve appropriate green buildings:


  1. Appropriate Site Development

This parameter relates to how land used for green buildings is selected and developed, considering environmental aspects.


  1. Energy Efficiency and Conservation

This parameter refers to efficient energy use and energy conservation practices in building design and operations.


  1. Water Conservation

This parameter focuses on efficient water management and conservation of water resources.


  1. Indoor Health and Comfort

This parameter relates to indoor air quality, natural lighting, optimal temperature and humidity control, and occupant comfort.


  1. Building Environment Management

This parameter involves sustainable environmental management practices in building operations. This includes waste management, the use of environmentally friendly products, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and sustainable maintenance.


  1. Material Resources and Cycle

This parameter highlights the use of environmentally friendly, recyclable, and sustainable building materials. The goal is to reduce the use of hazardous materials, utilize recyclable or renewable materials, and minimize construction waste through proper waste management practices.


COLORBOND® Matt Winter Design Interior Titik Temu.jpg


Titik Tentram

Currently in Indonesia, the main priority is sustainability and environmental protection, with the selection of environmentally friendly materials playing a crucial role in the efforts to create green buildings in Indonesia.


The latest innovation from COLORBOND® is a color-coated steel material with a matte finish, COLORBOND® Matt , which is the first and only one of its kind in Indonesia. This innovation provides new opportunities to support energy conservation in buildings through the implementation of green building concepts.


How can COLORBOND® Matt technology contribute to supporting the concept of green buildings in Indonesia?


  1. Supporting Sustainability & Enhancing Energy Efficiency

The use of Clean Technology prevents dust from permanently adhering to the surface of the steel. This helps maintain the appearance of the steel and minimizes maintenance and replacement needs, contributing to sustainability goals. The long lifespan of COLORBOND® Matt, which can reach over 30 years, ensures long-term energy efficiency.


  1. Thermal Efficiency

In the tropical climate of Indonesia, particularly during the summer season, higher heat absorption affects energy consumption and room temperatures. COLORBOND® Matt with Thermatech® technology reduces heat absorption, thereby minimizing heat transfer into the building.


  1. Aircraft-Friendly and Improved Building Aesthetics

Airports and aviation facilities have specific requirements due to their open spaces and extensive surfaces. COLORBOND® Matt with a low Gloss Unit (GU) of 7 enhances the aesthetics of the building while reducing glare, improving safety, and ensuring efficient operations.


  1. Preserving Natural Resources

COLORBOND® Matt steel material is lightweight, high strength, and 100% recyclable. Using COLORBOND® Matt for roofs and walls reduces the need for wood and other earth-derived materials that require more extensive processing, energy, cost, and time. This helps preserve natural resources.


The use of COLORBOND® Matt is a smart and sustainable choice. With its elegant appearance, high durability, energy efficiency, and low environmental impact, COLORBOND® Matt makes a positive contribution to building a greener future. Discover various artistic building inspirations  created with COLORBOND® Matt. Get a modern look and long-lasting protection with COLORBOND® Matt by contacting us.